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1. The main text is based on the summarized book ‘Umdatu`l-Fiqh written by Imaam ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdisee, rahimahullaah, a highly revered authority in Hanbalee Fiqh. The explanatory book by Bahaa` ad-Deen ‘Abdu`r-Rahmaan ibn Ibraaheem al-Maqdisee known as “al-‘Uddah Sharh al-‘Umdah” is used as the primary source for teaching which offers further opinions within the madh-hab of Imaam Ahmed, rahimahullaah.

2. The text deals with the most important issues in Islaamic Jurisprudence, and at some places leaves out subsidiary issues which are dealt with in the more detailed books of Imaam ibn Qudaamah, such as al-Mughnee. However in some instances these subsidiary issues are discussed by Ustaadh Fraz Farhat in the class.

3. Although the class is based on a Hanbalee text, Ustaadh Fraz endeavours to discuss other opinions within the Hanbalee madh-hab as well as the opinions held by scholars of other schools of thought. This no doubt increases the richness of the topic and the knowledge of the seeker, but also develops a sense of tolerance for others’ opinions regarding these matters.

4. For the ease of understanding of the general public and for a peace of mind, Ustaadh Fraz often mentions the ‘stronger opinion’ amongst the opinions mentioned in the class. Other opinions are acceptable albeit following ‘weak’ opinions is unadvised.

5. For those who wish to seek out the opinion of Imaam ibn Qudaamah, then his writings are highlighted in red.

6. Due to possible further discussion of a particular topic in the forthcoming lessons, it is advisable to examine the subsequent lesson for any update on the topic at hand. In case of no such discussions, then the topic should be presumed to have concluded.

7. Other than the notes from the class, extra posts are used to supplement the topic at hand by discussing subsidiary and contemporary issues which may affect the day-to-day life of a Muslim. The supplementary information is gathered from IslamQ&A – a website supervised and run by the esteemed scholar, Shaikh Muhammed Saalih al-Munajjid.



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